Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paper lanterns and a gorgeous high school senior!

I got tickled when Liz' mom kept saying "She's gorgeous!  She's gorgeous!" during almost every pose during her session!  I agree Liz looked absolutely gorgeous in her two beautiful outfits.  Liz is quite the seamstress as she made the black jacket that went with her gold outfit.  We used paper lanterns in her first image below.  A friend of mine gave them to me as a gift; however, I must admit when I first got them I had no idea how I would use them. Recently I saw this portrait of a high school senior where she was surrounded by chandeliers and I thought that would be fun to use but knew I didn't want to invest in getting chandeliers installed. Then the thought hit me as I was preparing for this session and saw those paper lanterns in my studio, that I could use them in place of chandeliers!  I really like how they matched her red/black/white outfit!  We started with window light with the paper lanterns pose and used the opposite end of the studio for the remaining session with our black damask background, a gold flokati rug that I clamped to our background stands, then finished up with a our popular white background with white flooring. I have included my favorites from Liz' session for your viewing pleasure....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chanté is graduating ~ Save the Date

Chanté came in for a short session so that she could get a few portraits for her Save the Date cards. I think her hairdo is absolutely exquisite!  Her first outfit of coral and grey went beautifully with our new cellar stairs silver background.  This background is a polyester cloth from White House Custom Color (WHCC) and is just so convenient to use.  In her second outfit I used a paper pink background but needed to tweak the color a bit to go with her outfit. We ended up using the second and third image below for her Save the Date cards that were a 5x7 ornate card with a scallop design, also ordered from WHCC.  I've included a few of our favorites below.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A family of six in camouflage

So I get this email from this client that wants camo or hunter theme images.  Lo and behold I have this background that I ordered years ago that I thought I would hardly use and it has perfect camouflage colors in it.  We put off the session for a few days hoping for warmer weather but it was still so cold outside that the children tried their best not to look cold!!!  They asked if they could bring their pet German Shepherd along and we included him for the outdoor images. The outdoor session is at the edge of our property along an old stone fence that must be at least a hundred years old! My favorite is the indoor image of this beautiful family of six and I have included it along with two other outdoor images for you to enjoy!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The epitome of youthful energy!

Emmy Lou is the epitome of youthful energy!  She loves to run and buck.  She is about one month old in these images.  The first image below is Emmy Lou with her maw and paw, Sally and Ozark.  The remaining images show Emmy Lou displaying her youthful energy as she runs and bucks at the Smith Ranch.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making Christmas Memories....

Christmas is such a special time to remember and I was delighted to capture this special time for this family with two cute boys as they revealed their personality with the help of their mom.  You should have seen mom as she was propped on the floor making the craziest of expressions to get her youngest son to look at the camera.  He was enjoying himself so much in the red metal tub that it took some drama to get him looking and smiling at the camera! Sometimes I think photographing children is similar to target practice to catch those cute expressions that sometimes last for just an instant!  This family had a hard time choosing just one portrait from their 30-minute session that we ended up creating three collages.  One of the collages can be viewed on the design page of our website here.  The images below are just a few of their favorites that we have included for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Portraits in the Barn

The weather forecast did not look good so we planned to do family portraits in the barn using my Quantum flash with softbox.  After arriving, there was a bit of light left so we rushed to do a few outside portraits.  You should have seen how fast the boys were moving to get the straw bale in place to get this portrait that faced their home!  It was getting dark as you can tell by the lights that came on in the front of their home in the background of the image below.  This turned out to be their favorite portrait. Someone mentioned doing a walking image so we hurried to get that done and the dogs cooperated nicely by walking with their masters down the path. The two outside portraits and the ones from the barn are the clients' favorites and I have included them for you to enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumn Portraits of the Witmer Family

If you recall, we photographed this family of six in the summer.  The first image below was taken on our property to the west of our pond.  There is a large willow tree that is visible in the background of the image which frames the portrait. I had been eyeing this beautiful location that is en route to our studio and the owner was kind to let us use his property as a backdrop on the last two images.   I have included their favorites from their session for you to enjoy!